Our offer / Warehousing services

Our company has been offering storage services since 1992, when the company was founded. Initially, our storage services were linked to our transport services. Today we provide complex warehouse management services, including storage, retrieval and disposal, and inventory management of products.

We provide services in two locations:
- Central location of warehouse space of ‘A’ class quality
- Loading and unloading from the rear, sides
- Handling of unusual items, such as extra-long log haulage
- Storage of goods under customs control (temporary storage areas)
- Consolidation and deconsolidation services.
- Our experienced staff guarantees professional services
- Location within the second transport corridor West-East, Duty Free Zone
- Loading and unloading from the rear, sides
- Loading and unloading of carriage/truck
- Storage of goods under customs control (Duty Free Zone)
- Our experienced staff guarantees professional services

Duty Free Zone
The main task of the Duty Free Zone is to facilitate international trade in goods and transit cargo handling.
For customers, this means the following measurable benefits:
- EU Community Customs Code treats Duty Free Zone as foreign countries
- Trade in goods between Duty Free Zone and other countries is free from quota restrictionsand valuerestrictions, permit requirements and customs duties
- Storage time of goods is unlimited
- possibility of storage of goods requiring customs clearance and of goods not requiring customs clearance
- tariff reductions or exemptions from customs duties in case of manufacturing, processing, refining or confectioning of goods within Duty Free Zone

Our services:
Storage services are addressed to all companies in both manufacturing and commercial businesses involved in the trade aiming at optimizing logistics costs of their products.

The advantages of storage services:
- Rationalisation costs associated with handling and storing of goods
- Costs vary depending on the affected area
- Speedy response to increased market demand
- Tailor-made service which fully meets customer’s requirements
- Comprehensive services enabling customers to focus on their core business